20 March 2009

It's a Small World!

Hahahaha...have I got that song stuck in your head now? Sorry!

I was just thinking about our vacation a couple weeks ago. We had people to visit everywhere! We ended up meeting up with friends in Harrisburg, PA, Hershey, PA, and someplace or other in Maryland. It was such a fun way to go, I want to do it again! With all the hook-ups we have, we could have 'local' dinner conversations about fun stuff to do in the Wisconsin Dells one night, and NC auto insurance the next!

I can't imagine what the world was like before having all my 'imaginary' friend on the internet...

1 comment:

gail said...

It was really awesome to meet you guys for real. I think how awesome it would be if we were close.

It seriously was a turning point in my happy.. that you cared enough to come just because.

I cannot WAIT to do it again.