21 February 2009


Luck has been on my side for much of the day. I was able to go to my party at a friend's before the storm hit (mostly) and back home again without much grief. Maggie had a very fun day with Uncle Bunny ;)

It kept going well when Maggie had refused to go down for a nap until I got back. No problem - that meant I got a much needed nap as well!

And the best of all? I'm back to work! Although there's my major snafu for the day....I went to print out the four documents I'm required to review before starting, and my printer ran out of black. Darnitall!! I'll be able to read what I can from my printouts, but then I'll have to wait to start working til after I review the 'missing' spots online after Maggie's in bed.

At least it was two steps forward and one step back today instead of the other way around!

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siteseer said...

Any day you can fit in a nap is a good day.