08 February 2009

It Never Ends

When Maggie goes down for her nap, or to sleep for the night, I've actually been having a couple minutes of 'unplanned' time lately. I'd love to just play games or read a bit, but that's pretty minimal. I've been working on trying to fix some stuff up around here. I wish I was better at it! I tried to put those corner water guards in our bathroom shower so I can then fix some icky looking moldy spots on the wall (luckily they aren't actually wet, so I just need to keep them dry!), but the silly guards keep falling, or only pressing on part of the wall or tub. Apparently I need some silicone or something....

Someday I'd like to try and do more outside too. We don't have much landscaping. We tried putting some shrubs along the dirt road, but somehow they all started dying last year. Maybe I'd have more luck with pretty Mulberry trees in the rock circle on the corner? With my success rate so far, I'm afraid to invest in much!


siteseer said...

I took me years (and I still don't really have it) of attempts to discover what really works on our property.

Southern Tiger said...

I'm thinking of planting something like these (in the yard. On sale at Sam's Club FTW!