09 February 2009

Still Flighty...

No like absent-minded sort of flighty, but just can't settle and concentrate on any one thing very long.

I remember years ago, when I could sit down and write a post that at least felt like it had some substance to me. And both of my readers liked it too! HAhahahaha.... Now I feel like every post is a grocery list, or a to-do list, or another summary of a day in my life.

I find myself doing the day to day stuff with Maggie - changing another diaper, nursing again, folding yet another load of baby laundry from the dryer - and wishing she were older so we could go out and do more 'fun' stuff together.
But then she starts making things in her tupperware, stirring it with her toy spatula, and feeding it to herself, me, and the cat.
Or she crawls up onto the couch and starts meowing at her dad until he will meow (no talking!) back.
And I wonder instead what on earth I'll do with someone as confined by reality as adults are expected to be.


Court D said...

I think I'm learning this too. To just take the leaf my daughter gives me and try to find as much joy in it as she does.

siteseer said...

As one of you original readers I can say I always like to hear what you have to say. And I too feel kind of negligent about my blog. Mine had come to one 'grace in small things' daily. And now they are starting to monitor my every move to there goes my few minutes a day of doing that. Hey, I'm blogging more here than on my own blog lol.

Tammy said...

She will be older soon so don't rush it!

Anonymous said...

"As confined by reality as adults are expected to be" ... Wow isn't that the truth! I'm just now starting to realize that "growing up" to most people means taking the fun out of things. Whenever I'm around kids I'm reminded of what great joy can be found in such small things.