13 December 2008

Whoops! To-do, Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yup. A whole to-do list for just tomorrow. Guess I should have figured out some sort of focus for the whole weekend a little earlier. Too late now!

  • Bake ten dozen cookies. Yeah, go me.
  • Go to Hallmark and get address book change stickers (the ones that cover up the address you already wrote when you found out that like half the people you know have moved?)
  • Go to Party City and look for needed paper products (that's all I can say about that....)
  • Oh, before the first thing? Decide what kind of cookies to make, and go get ingredients. Hahahaha....
  • Look for gift swap gift also taking place at cookie exchange Monday evening.
  • Try to get in at least four hours of work. Ugh.
  • Get unused holiday decorations back to the basement. Give up the hope that they'll all miraculously go up. I'm in a good holiday spirit, darnitall. Apparently we don't need ALL of those decorations ;)

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