13 December 2008

C'mon, Hubby!

If you've been following along, I spent the last couple of weeks posting ideas for stuff hubby could get me for the holidays. And I think he's been paying attention. He's been so stressed out with work, I think my 'gentle suggestions' really did make his life easier. I hope so.

But now? I've been STUMPED on what to get him. My first plan was brilliant. He mentioned in passing that he'd love to have our grandfather clock repaired. I called the nice jeweler in town that does house calls and tried to get it taken care of. Unfortunately, after the $50 house call, the parts would have to be ordered. The $50 will count toward the $250 to take it in and have it fixed (and they even pick up and deliver!), but I don't have the other $200 now, so that idea is down the tubes.

What are you getting for the man in your life? Nightforce rifle scopes? Car accessories? Computer stuff? Or was he bad all year and doesn't get anything?

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