07 December 2008

No More TV!

I know I've whined before about not having an appetite and having a hard time maintaining my weight (not losing too much with breastfeeding and all). A show I saw on TV last week didn't help matters. They had a 17-year-old who weighed like 400 lbs. He was getting ready for weight loss surgery. It sort of grossed me out and killed my appetite for the rest of the day. Even sadder was his total sense of hopelessness, like the surgery was his only option. He said he'd tried diets and exercise, but his sister said she didn't think he'd 'really' tried. His sister had lost over a hundred lbs over the course of a couple years. She said she did it the old-fashioned way - diet and exercise. She didn't use a weight loss diet supplement or surgery or any of the stuff they hype now. Makes sense, but it's never easy. Good for her, and hope he can control his appetite and do well after the surgery.


siteseer said...

I have a lot of sympathy for overweight people too. It's so hard just losing 10-20 pounds. How overwhelming that would be to have to lose 100 or more. Good luck to all that are trying to lose or maintain during the holidays.

Michelle said...

What a sad story. I feel the same way when see people with extreme weight problems and their hopelessness.