21 November 2008

The Year I Was Born...

In 1972 (the year you were born)

Richard Nixon is president of the US

President Nixon approves NASA's space shuttle, a reusable spacecraft, at a cost of $5.5 billion

Nixon arrives in China for an 8 day visit, which he calls a "journey for peace"

While campaigning for the presidency Alabama Governor George C. Wallace is shot and seriously wounded

Five men are arrested in the Watergate office complex in DC for breaking into the offices of the Democratic National Committee

Hurricane Agnes strikes the East Coast causing 117 deaths

First scientific hand-held calculator (HP-35) os introduced for $395

Shaquille O'Neal, Jennifer Garner, The Rock, The Notorious B.I.G., Cameron Diaz, Eminem, and Alyssa Milano are born

Oakland Athletics win the World Series

Dallas Cowboys win Superbowl VI

Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup

The Godfather is the top grossing film

Pink Floyd debuts "The Dark Side of the Moon" during a performance at London's Rainbow Theater

"You've Got a Friend" by Carole King wins a Grammy for song of the year

The Price is Right premieres on CBS


siteseer said...

Wow. I didn't know the Price is Right was that new. lol

pegasusgiraffe said...

There's a lot of Nixon on that list... ;)

Anonymous said...

Pink Floyd kicks ass. I played Dark Side of the Moon during my labor with Jake in the hospital-"Its just a little pin prick..."

Court D said...

how cool, thanks for posting that it was fun to find my year!

Tammy said...

Let see I was 9 in 1972. I don't really remember these things much. I do remember Nixon as president.