24 November 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

  • My chocolate party yesterday ROCKED!
  • Our play date today is canceled (the other mom and kiddo are sick :( )
  • I'm hoping I can convince the bank not to hold my payroll check so I can pay bills due this week...
  • Maggie loves her milk!
  • Maggie is still a little sneezy and snuffley
  • I need to mail my bill due this week today.
  • My office is a disaster.
  • Hopefully I can get another $100 in chocolate orders this week so I make all the bonuses for my third month in business *fingers crossed*
  • I'm not sure what to make for dinner.
  • My hands are horribly dry.
  • Maggie was screaming this morning and I couldn't figure out why. Now that she has Ritz crackers and milk she seems to be happy. I'll take it.


gail said...

Ritz crackers save the day. Glad your party rocked.

siteseer said...

The world revolves around chocolate. Lucky for you

Michelle said...

Good luck on getting your bonus for work. We also have the cold thing at our house. Yuck!