14 October 2008

Probably TMI

I've been wanting to write this totally honest, no-holds-barred product review for almost a month and a half now. I'll warn you before hand, there's certainly too much information following! The review is about the Diva Cup - an alternative to tampons and pads for use during Aunt Flo's monthly visit. Now is your chance to back out slowly if you don't want to hear it....

So, yeah. It's great for the environment and cheaper for me than buying something 'disposable.' I plan to keep using it and overall prefer it to other sanitary products. But the actual logistics of some of it aren't quite as peachy as the site and some other reviews would lead you to believe. So maybe it's just me, but I can't be the only one, can I?

First of all, the putting it in and taking it out? No big deal. Sometimes it takes a little wiggling to get it to 'open' (you put it in folded up, then make sure it's open to catch the flow). Taking it out isn't bad at all either. There's a little tail that you grab. My biggest dilemma with this lately is that I broke my thumbnail, and that's usually how I got a grip on the tail. If you've used one, you know what I mean.

I remember reading repeatedly that it's good for like 12 hours at a stretch, then you take it out, rinse it, and put it back for another 12 hours or so. News flash - on the heavy days of my cycle, it fills up within 3 - 4 hours. Luckily this is just for a day, maybe two. And on these heavy days, it is better to have this in and just a liner to catch any spotting issues than to wear a bulky pad (I've never used tampons consistently). Also, none of my showers last 3 - 4 hours, so it's awesome for being able to take a clean shower.

Way TMI horror point: it makes me feel like I have to poop more than usual. I assume it's pressing on something, because once it's out, the feeling sort of passes. Herein lies the other complication: I can't poop with it in. I tried once, and shot it into the toilet. Yeah, great visual, eh? If I can push out a ten pound baby, a little rubber cup doesn't stand a chance. So I need to take it out, go to the bathroom, then rinse it and put it back in. Fortunately I'm usually at home.

Over all, I like it a lot and will keep using it. It keeps me clean and fresh through the night, and even with the dumping, it leaves me feeling way fresher than wearing a bulky pad. At about $35, it's already recouped its initial expense, even while I wear back up liners most of the time.

I can't be the only one - does this match your experience? Is this something you'd been considering that you'll now try - or not? Tell me I didn't bare my..well, everything..in vain!


Amy Anderson said...

Is it wrong that I laugh every time picturing you popping it out during pooping?

siteseer said...

rotfl I think it's a great idea if it works. Wish they had something like that when I needed it. I've cleared my mind of all pictures lol.

Tammy said...

I can't believe you write the pooping problem on your blog. I was laughing very hard!!!!! And I had already heard the story. I think the Diva Cup is a great idea. Thanks for sharing so much.

Shannon said...

I used to use that other cup one. I can't remember what's it's called. Although a little messy, it was awesome for those heavy days. That and a tampon, I was set for a whole work day. I don't know about rinsing it out though..mmm eeww

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Anonymous said...

Sounds nasty to me - ugh.

Sonja said...

I think it is definatley worth a try!
I read through the website and thought this was very funny (besides the picture of you popping the thing out while pooping)
"If the holes need extra cleaning, we suggest that you soak the cup in warm water for a few minutes then use a soft toothbrush (specifically designated only for the cup) for this. You can also use a toothpick (discarding after use)." ROLF

Anonymous said...

That's a tough product review to do. Quite a funny visual there! LOL! I don't think it's for me, but you were very brave to give it such a descriptive review!

Susan Cook said...

Sounds like to much work for me. I'm also leery of anything that you keep in you for that long. I wonder if there is any side effects? But if it works for you that's great.