01 October 2008

I Can Spend Money!

My winnings from having the cutest baby are just about gone. As expected, I spent it on Creative Memories stuff and Pampered Chef stuff. I even squeezed a little bit out for postage. How exciting is that? I sure could use a couple more contest prizes like that!

With working as much as I am, my wish list of things to buy for myself lately is growing. I think I’ve mentioned before that Canon Digital Cameras are at the top of my list. Okay, just one would do the trick. Friends I’ve talked to have said pretty much any brand can be comparable, but I’m most used to working with the Canon. I had one way back in the day before digital. A new camera is far and a way the item at the tip-top of my list.

If we’re talking about lottery-sized winnings, though, I would love to look at nice shiny new laptops. Every company makes them nowadays, but I would already have confidence in HP laptops. I’ve insisted on an HP printer/scanner/fax/everything-but-wash-the-dishes for years now. It usually cost me a little more, but it has been worth it for my peace of mind.

Can you picture my fancy new work space yet? I’d be able to use it all to make beautiful scrapbooks to freeze the moments in time that have already passed. I miss my little baby that couldn’t even roll over, even while I love her new mobility and independence (remind me of that if she’s up all night again tonight, okay?).

The other possibility that has occurred to me lately is to explore digital scrapbooking. I think my biggest challenge with that (besides learning how to do it!), would be trying to make my old stuff and new stuff ‘match.’ Epson scanners would be necessary then in order to scan in all my old pages that I made with paper, pictures, adhesive, stickers and die-cuts. It seems like there’s a challenge to any plan!

I suppose now is a good time to be getting the scrapbooking bug again. Mom and I are headed to an all weekend crop in just a couple weeks! I can’t wait! It’s the best of all worlds for me, really. It’s a weekend technically away from the baby, but I’ll only be five miles away, so I’m sure I’ll still get to see her a few times. And in between visits I’ll finally be able to work on my books! It’s all good…

One last concern? How wasteful am I being by duplicating some of this stuff? Luckily, by getting it all at Superwarehouse, there are lots of eco-friendly solutions!


bella1021 said...

She won!! thats awesome! :)

siteseer said...

looking forward to the crop

Tammy said...

This is good put in writing what you want and it will come! Just believe.

Twyla said...

Hey I have a Canon and LOVE it. I have the Powershot S5IS. And Mel has the Canon Rebel XTI. So if you have questions you know who to ask ;)