01 October 2008


The universe has finally decided I deserve a few minute break. Although I had planned on trying to work 40 hours this week (since they requested it, and I can always use the money), there is no way we have enough work for that after all. I'm not complaining. And until we're actually out of work, I'm still trying. This morning, Maggie decided we had to get out of bed around 6:30, after she had already been awake for what felt like hours. I put in a few hours work, and figured we'd have breakfast afterward. The best laid plans...

When I went out to switch gears and get some breakfast for us both, here's what I found:

She finally wore herself out :)

So now I'm going to open up the email I got from Mom last night with all the pictures from the Renaissance Festival! I'm sure one of them will make a wonderful (nearly) wordless Wednesday :)

I see lots and lots of posts in my near future ;)


siteseer said...

Too cute. Boy, she sure has a lot of hair

Tammy said...

She is really out! As alway so cute!

Amanda West said...

Her hair is so much more calm than Brynn's!! Ha ha... she looks pretty comfy too!!

P.S. We have the box of shapes that goes along with the yellow lid in the background. Brynn loves to chew on the lid!!

Anonymous said...

aww, poor thing, she must be really tired. but she is definitely cute!


Anonymous said...

Awww, she is a doll! She looks so tired though.