21 October 2008

Crazy Sunday!

Sunday was a happy and sad day around here. Hubby sold two of his cars. Okay, so only one was actually 'his,' in the sentimental sense of the word. The other he'd bought to flip before discovering it's the car from hell, so he sold it for the same price he bought it for, wrote off the parts and labor already invested and said 'Good Riddance!!'

The other, though, was the one I mentioned a few weeks ago. His super-fun 1974 Datsun 260Z with the V8 he put in it himself. It was a labor of love. And she left on a car hauler, to go to a port, on her way to the buyer in Saudi Arabia. We won't even see her around town.

Now he's trying to focus on the next project - fixing up his car (the one that broke Mothers' Day weekend?). Lots of parts have been ordered, so in the time he has until they arrive he's trying to straighten the garage, get easy access to his air tools and get psyched up and ready to go for when the real work starts.


siteseer said...

You'll be able to get both cars in the garage!!! With winter coming that sure is a plus

Tammy said...

Does this mean you drive doesn't look like a parking lot anymore? It's good that he has a hobby he loves.