17 September 2008

Never Say Die!

Although we're starting to get more cool, rainy days than hot, sunny ones anymore, hubby is still trying to fit one more family beach vacation in. As I've searched around the web to see where we could spend one more week, I've found some New Jersey water parks. There are specials for any day of the week at Morey's Piers! And to make it even easier on us, they even have links to local accommodations.

Of course, as I'm supposed to be following the links to hotels and motels, I'm repeatedly drawn back to the fun stuff at the actual piers instead. I know I wouldn't have to try hard to talk hubby into the Formula One, Can Am or Grand Prix Raceway or Fly The Great Nor'Easter, and there's even a list of stuff for the littles (as little as Maggie? Not really sure...) like the Kiddie Train or Shark Bite (which I can barely even read without following up saying, "Hoo Ha Ha," like in Finding Nemo. I'm weird like that.). I think I'm getting lame in my old age - I'd rather just kick hubby's butt in some mini-golf than risk hurting any of my old body parts lately! Hahaha...

I hardly ever say no to one last vacation!

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Sonja said...

Come with us to Charleston!!! ;)