17 September 2008

Admirable Effort

Seriously? The tellers at the drive-thru of my credit union keep trying to sell me stuff. Today they wanted to know if I'd thought about refinancing my car, or getting a loan to purchase a new one. Rates start at just 5.49%!

I appreciate the effort. My background was in marketing, so I know it's easier (and more successful) for them to solicit more business from existing customers than it is for them to go out and get new customers. Cross-selling is where it's at!

But when I'm using the drive-thru I'm usually in the middle of a long list of errands. I'm not really receptive to a tiny screen that looks like a security camera flashing me the face of a teller trying to sell me stuff. I'm polite when I say, "No, thank you," but seriously - do you think I'm going to start right in on an application you can send me out through the tube? And how bad would that hold up the drive-thru line we all already wish was speedier?

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Megan Tracy Murphy said...

I couldn't agree more. I worked as a teller for a year and that's why I ended up hating my job. It's not difficult to distinguish between the people who are in a rush and those that aren't. My managers either didn't have the ability to understand that or they were just so paranoid about the state of their sales numbers that they didn't care how pushy we came off. I guarantee those tellers don't want to proposition you, but it's a huge part of their job and they unfortunately don't have a choice. =/