11 August 2008

A Skeptic Quiz (and Picture of the Day)

This is one of the pictures from the one-year set we had taken at JC Penney last week. With the portrait club, we get copies sent to us via email, where we can order more prints or a high-res disc. I'm surprised she wasn't smiling more as her daddy held her - she usually LOVES being upside-down girl :)

You Are 38% Skeptic

You're not really all that skeptical.

You don't really like doing research, and you often believe what sounds right.

Occasionally, you have a skeptical instinct. You would be wise to follow that instinct.

Some of your deepest beliefs may be dead wrong. Wouldn't you like to know the truth?

And as far as this? Not sure how I feel. Can I be skeptical of the results? Hahahaha...


Twyla said...

Love that pic. She is such a cutie. I have pics of both of mine like that :)

Unknown said...

What a cute pic!! I love it!!

siteseer said...

She's smiling pretty good ;) Are you a skeptic lol guess you are if you skeptical of the results. Can't wait to take that quiz. lol

Anonymous said...

It's an amazing photo. She looks really cute and her hair :) it's fantastic.

Guia Obsum said...

hihihi! you're little girl is so cute. i remember when i was young, my uncle used to do the same thing to me. he was the youngest among my dad's siblings so he enjoyed playing with us kids. :)

your little girl is also holding her daddy's shirt tightly, hihi! very cute! :)

Tammy said...

I was 67%! I guess I should of believed in UFO's.

Oh she is just so very cute.