11 August 2008

Another Site Review

Wow! I've been checking out tons of new (to me) blogs lately! One I saw today for the first time has movie plot summaries for some different popular movies. The author seems to follow a lot of popular culture. I learned that Jennifer Garner is only a few months older than me (I already knew she was in much better shape than me! Hahahaha). An entry about Jack Black had information I didn't know about him before. There's also a comprehensive list of Philippine actors and actresses real names.

At the Quasi Effect I found the categories listing in the right column very helpful. I could have all the entries about actors and actresses, or movies and films, or any of the other easily sorted categories right at my fingertips without browsing through everything to find my favorite posts. Overall, it was a fun, easy to navigate site that would be a great place to pass an afternoon and pick up some new movie and movie star trivia. Check it out!


Tammy said...

Sounds like a good blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the blogs. I love movie plot. I found it a bit ago.

I kinda float around the web a bit. There are some strange things out there.