03 July 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Sixteenth Edition

Thirteen things I'd do/get right around now if I still had a 'real' job. (i.e. disposable income) Oh, and someone to watch the baby, since a lot of this is stuff I can't do while holding her :)

1. Pedicure.
2. Bikini line wax.
3. Tanning.
4. Hair cut.
5. Brow wax.
6. Cards for all the babies I know with birthdays this summer (especially this month!).
7. Get Maggie some new PJs in a bigger size.
8. Some hanging flower baskets to put by the front door.
9. Join the UU church and be able to give a few bucks to help support it.
10. Adopt a soldier and send a care box.
11. Go somewhere to work on my scrapbooks (no money involved, just someone to watch Maggie, since hubby needs to work on cars).
12. Take Maggie and go out with friends for lunch/dinner more often.
13. Take fun classes with Maggie.


Anonymous said...

The pedicure, yes. Tanning, yes, Brows, yes. Bikini line wax, no thank you! Oh, I'm a wimp, and I know I would cry like a baby!

Cindy Swanson said...

Great list...especially liked the one about sending a care package to the troops.

I often wish I had more money to spend on spa treatments, especially manicures, pedicures and facials. I love me some pampering!

Hope you'll visit my TT when you can. :)

Noner said...

Ah...to have money to burn.

Anonymous said...

I think adopting a soldier would be a very cool idea. I know there's as place where you can send cards to them, I've done that! Happy TT!

siteseer said...

What size is peanut in now? Hope the stuff I've gotten her isn't too small.

Anonymous said...

No bikini wax for me, but everything else I can relate to!

Amanda West said...

I'd go for pretty much all of those!! (Um, except for # 2... I'm a wuss!)

Have you started party planning?! YAY!!

I'll definately keep you posted as to when we're heading back to Ohio for a vacation... I'm hoping for next summer or fall!!

Michelle said...

Yup, I know how you feel about a real job. LOL!! I'd like to do some extra's too if we had the cash. At least you have some things to look forward to when you do get the cash. Great TT!!