25 July 2008

So Sad

Since you're obviously on the internet, you've probably seen Randy Pausch's 'Last Lecture.' He died today from complications of pancreatic cancer. He was 47. You can watch the lecture, and read more here.

I've never met the guy, but I'm crying anyway. Life isn't fair. I think this has just made missing my friend Sue very real again. She was the most positive person I've ever known, and she died from breast cancer at 36. WTF? It just isn't right.


Anonymous said...

He really is such a major inspiration. I think I posted right around the same time you did.

I have a friend who was lucky enough to have him as a professor at CMU. He, unfortunately, is going through similar health issues. Needless to say, he was devastated. :(

Daily Verses said...

I went and watched the lecture after I heard the news of his death. Very inspirational, especially at the very end of the talk. It is so sad.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

I heard about his death. It is so sad.

And I'm sorry about Sue. It must be very hard to be without her.

Tammy said...

Oh I feel so sad! I put his "last lecture" on my blog a long time ago. I have also seen him on TV several times. I feel like a friend has passed away. 47 is way to young. I know how sad you have been with Sue gone. I nice to keep friend alive in the good time you can remember.