25 July 2008

Haiku Friday

Up early today
to finish working and then
Strollerstrides class - yay!!

Exercising fun.
I haven't done it before,
But looks like good times!

After that? Clean up
then go to the boat party,
meet Dad and have fun!

Always lots to do.
Hurry up to the next thing.
Next Thursday? SLEEP IN!

Yes, that's legitimately the next time I don't have somewhere to be in the morning. All this weekend is the boat owners' rally (think of it like a mini Camp Jeep - a bunch of people that own the same brand boat are getting together...), then Monday is Strollerstrides again and then Maggie's one-year well-baby visit, Tuesday is my dentist appointment and Wednesday is music class again. Whew! At least it's not any stuff I really don't want to do.

What's planned for your weekend?


Anonymous said...

i often measure time by the next time i can get a good night's sleep!! :D

nice haiku.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day, even if it's a lot of being busy! Nicely haiku'd.

Karen Coutu said...

Sleepying in? What's that? LOL!!