21 July 2008

Rice a Roni!

Yes, I'm finally writing about our trip to San Francisco last weekend :)

We flew out Thursday morning, and Maggie did very well. All of the passengers on the plane were happy for that. We got super lucky on our fully-booked flight, and ended up with one of the two empty seats being between hubby and I. So Mags had a little more wiggle room (which she certainly used!).

There were no issues picking up our rental car with the free child seat (go, Hertz!), and hubby's borrowed GPS led us to our 'bed and breakfast' in Tiburon. It was awesome! Hubby found it online from a woman who essentially rents out her spare room. And the room? Overlooks the bay. Like the balcony is over the water. If you want to stay in Tiburon, drop me a line and I can send you here email. It was phenomenal, and cheaper than a hotel in San Francisco (especially if you also want to park your car).

Thursday we walked into Tiburon for lunch, and greatly enjoyed the cool breeze and the view of the bay on the walk. After the rest of the city was done working, we waited til after rush hour (a must in the Oakland area) and went to our friends' house. They took us on a walking tour of Berkeley and out to dinner at a really good Chinese place. Back at their house, the boys wanted to do their regular music swap (each time they get together they raid each other's hard drive for music), but Maggie called it quits on them before too long. Jet lag was turning her into a pumpkin pretty quick.

Friday morning, lil miss jet lag (aka Maggie) was wide awake and bushy-tailed by about 6:30 local time. And notice the view out our door wall just behind her? Gorgeous! We did local touristy stuff all day Friday. After driving above the clouds to the top of Mt Tamapalais, we considered going to Muir Woods, but Maggie was napping in the back seat, and there weren't any close parking spots available, so we decided to pass.

Instead we drove to the ferry station in Larkspur and took a leisurely ferry cruise across to San Francisco. This recommendation was made to us by the woman whose house we were staying at, and it worked beautifully! The ferry passed Alcatraz and other points of interest on our way across the bay. Once we arrived, there was a nifty box she told us about that issued MUNI passes away from the terminal and then back to it. Perfect! We took a trolley down to Pier 39 to look around.

Pier 39 is all my favorite touristy stuff. Are we in Myrtle Beach? Could it be Gatlinburg? Hey, this looks a lot like Orlando! Yes to all of the above, and I love it :) We had a late lunch at a place with so-so seafood, but an excellent view of the bay.Pier 39 is actually most well known for its sea lions (don't see those in Gatlinburg!). We were in the city at the time that most of the sea lions have left town for mating, though. There was one floaty barge thing covered with them, and this one lonely soul hanging out on a dock by himself.

Stay tuned for the actual ceremony of vows that we were in San Francisco for!


Hf said...

How fun! Great pictures!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip. Maggie is so cute! I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. F said...

The view from your bedroom is fantastic. I love, love, love that neighborhood (Tiburon, Larkspur, Sausalito...). Sounds like you all had a good time!