09 July 2008

Plugging along

After music class, we came back home so I could start working. I thought Maggie had a dirty diaper, but it was just air ;) Now that we're home anyway, I'm putting in a few hours work and jotting down a few things I don't want to forget to pack (like books for reading on the airplane) while Maggie naps. Once she gets up again I'll start attacking the rest of the list.

Anyone have a good suggestion of a toy that she can't throw on the ground on the plane? There's not enough room in those little airplane seats for her favorite game of throw-everything-to-the-ground-for-mommy-to-pick-up-repeatedly.


Amanda West said...

I missed something - where are you heading off to now??

Throw-everything-to-the-ground-for-mommy-to-pick-up-repeatedly is Brynn's favorite game too!! ;o)

No ideas right now... I'll try to think of something though.

Tammy said...

Find away to attach it to something (like string or ribbon) then you can bring the item back without looking for it.