07 July 2008


Today we finally got our notice that our stimulus payment is coming. Yeah, I know you already got yours. Don't rub it in ;). Ours is expected by July 11. So tonight hubby and I started planning. You're not supposed to save it, right? We're supposed to stimulate the economy! Woo-hoo!! So at long last, we're going to pull out the work boots and start implementing some plans for our yard.

Right now we've got our boat parked on the soft grass. Hubby wants to tear up the sod, level the ground, and pour gravel for a parking spot. Then he wants to surround it with a privacy fence. Great plan! The next thing (that hopefully we'll do very first instead) is to build a playpen of sorts for the baby. Our deck now is so old and poorly cared for that she'd get splinters, but it's HUGE. So we want to rail off one end of it, and cover the railings with some sort of screen, and pad the bottom surface, so she has a foamy play surface instead of ouchy.

Last but not least, at some point we hope to tear down the crappy deck and put in a patio. That way we have something with less maintenance requirements to use outside the back door. I can't wait!

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