08 July 2008

How Frustrating!!

So this evening I saw an email come into my box that was a reply to one saying we could start working. Unfortunately, I never saw the one that said we could start working. It was sent at 9am, but there have been problems in the past with their server delivering emails to Yahoo! email addresses. Yeah, swell.

Now I put the baby to bed in her bouncy chair so I could try and get a couple hours in tonight, then get up at 6am tomorrow and do a couple more hours before our first music class, which I would hate to be tired for, but am really looking forward to. The next catch? I can't access the work site right now. Which means it probably won't be fixed by 6am either. And tomorrow is my last, and first, day to work this week. I couldn't get 30 hours in at all, ya know?

Hope the lottery comes through for me soon...


Amanda West said...

We bought lottery tickets for tomorrow. ;o)

Tammy said...

Computers can't live with them or without them.