04 June 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Fourteenth Edition

The long anticipated Thirteen Things I Want for my Birthday. Don't worry, there's still a week til my birthday. If I'd posted this next week, no one would have had any time to get it all for me (since my birthday is next Friday, the thirteenth).

1. This new nursing top (in a size small, please). You'll see a few of these on the list, since I have four or five long sleeve shirts, but only one short sleeve shirt. It's warming up here in a hurry!

2. This nursing shirt (another small, please...). See the explanation of this with #1. As an aside, this site is making me mad! They have stuff that isn't even available yet, that doesn't offer my size - how is that possible! And the dress that I wanted? Already sold out in all but like XXS and XXXL. Grr...

3. Nursing tanks - Glamourmom makes my very favorites. I like the Long Nursing Tanks, and I wear the size Medium from them. For colors...I have a lot of the dark ones, so now I'd like the Berry Flora Print, and maybe a Strawberry. Oh - and if you do choose to order them for me, use the referral code BEBA47, and it'll get me closer to getting a free one, too ;)

4. A dress to wear the the wedding we're going to in July. We'll have Maggie with us too, so I need a decent nursing dress. Otherwise, I'd need to wear a shirt and skirt, which just isn't as dressy, you know? But I figure 'not as dressy' would be preferable to pulling my dress up high enough to nurse the baby.
Oh, size medium, please.

5. A new Franklin Covey planner. But not just any new Franklin Covey planner...I used to use one that I had ordered with everyone's birthday pre-printed in it. I need to update my records, and I want the personalized planner again.
Shit. It looks like that is no longer on their website. That makes me very, very sad. I want a very nice perpetual calendar, so I can track everyone's birthday and send cards out again.

6. My own domain (I have one in mind, but I'm not telling the whole world, cuz I'm afraid someone would steal it...), and a blog redesign (to go with, ya know?).

7. Gosh, I keep thinking of impossible or useless to ask for stuff - like time, or my back to stop hurting, or time....

8. A couple of different bras, but I'm not spilling all of my personal details here. I'm just sort of annoyed that my bras are mostly stretched out and too big now.

9. Our new patio. It'll happen eventually, but as long as I'm asking for the moon, I would have liked to have it done before Maggie's birthday party next month. Circumstances have prevented that from happening, but I can still wish. This is my birthday list and I can wish for whatever I want, darnitall.

10. A hanging basket of flowers for our front porch. And maybe another for the shepherd's hook at the end of the walkway.

11. A new cartridge for my Cricut. I know, I know...I need to clear off my work counter and get used to using it first, but I'm sure once that happens I'll want another cartridge. Cricut girls (or boys) - what's a good next cartridge to get?

12. More shorts. These are just like the three pair I got so far for this summer, but a different color, of course. I really like the ones I've gotten so far. They're nice and long, so my butt doesn't hang out while I'm tending to the baby. I do need to get a matching belt though. The size 7 ones fit the best, but they're a little baggy some days.

13. A 2.5L STi engine for my husband's '04 Subaru Impreza WRX. It would make him happy, and that would give me a good birthday :)


Daily Verses said...

I've never worn nursing tops or dresses, but they sure look cute. I hope you get what you want! I like the Target nursing tanks. They're like spandex and suck in my large ladies!

Anonymous said...

The domain thing- if you are looking for somewhere to host we use Bluehost and they've been fine. One of the cheaper I found too. www.seemydesignsbyshauna.com did my blog makeover and she rocks! You should check her out if you are serious about customizing.

Unknown said...

very practical wish list, i hope you get them all!

Carolyn said...

Hope you get all that you want!

siteseer said...

I'm hung up on the last one. Hubby's car isn't fixed yet? That's gotta hurt. Hope you get all that you want. My check is in the mail, unfortunately, I dont' think it'll buy most of that lol

Phoebe Jordan said...

Happy Thursday 13! Love the list and now I know that when my birthday comes I will be making a list similiar to yours. Hope to see you at my 4th edition about Kerrelyn Sparks at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

Tink said...

I hope you'll get this whole list, and more! I like the dress!
Thanks for visiting my goddess sign TT.

Michelle said...

Great list. Clothes are always fun. Hope you have a great birthday.Happy TT!!

Tammy said...

I hope you get everything and more for your birthday.