05 June 2008

Cash only!!

Looks like I'm in for what could be a reasonably expensive weekend, if only I had cash. The subdivision across the street is having their huge, sub-wide garage sales. Yay!! And I already knew that Saturday I'm volunteering at the LLL fundraiser garage sale, which is also taking place in another huge, sub-wide garage sale. Yay!!! I already arranged with hubby that we'll walk through that one together after I'm done volunteering. You can't beat garage sale prices for lots of kids toys (including yard stuff, that we don't have any of yet) and baby clothes.

I did a bit of previewing the nearby sales today after I dropped off our RSVP card at the mailbox for the wedding we're traveling to in July in California. Now we just have to get plane tickets, hotel reservations, and travel insurance if we decide we want it. There's always plans to be made, eh?

1 comment:

Tammy said...

garage sale are awesome. I got most of Brett's toys and cloths at garage sales. Great buys