12 May 2008

What a Weekend!

Whew! Now that I'm home again I can try to catch my breath!

Actually, overall it was a nice, relaxing weekend with good friends. We headed out Thursday evening, with plans of stopping somewhere for the night, then continuing for our final destination on Friday. A very similar trip to the one we embarked on two weeks ago. Maggie was wonderfully cooperative again :) She is a great little traveler, and either sleeps or amuses herself for most of our car time.

A couple weeks ago we'd stayed in a rather seedy little motel for Thursday night. I didn't say a word of complaint at the time, but as we started on this trip, I asked hubby if we could splurge just a bit and get a little nicer room. He agreed. But by the time we got to the Best Western in Lexington, they were out of king-size bed rooms, and out of non-smoking room. The desk clerk handed him an ionizer (is that the air refreshing thing?) and promised our room hadn't been smoking for very long, so there weren't yucky tar stains or anything. Luckily he was right and the room was quite habitable.

Friday we stopped for lunch and got to take Maggie to Hooters for her first time! I think I even saw a waitress who had more cleavage than my big ole milk bags. Hahahaha... By the time we finished lunch, we were only an hour or so from the Tail of the Dragon (our home for the weekend), and I started getting a bit nervous. I used to be able to ride all 318 curves in 11 miles joyfully, but a few years ago it just started scaring the crap out of me. I don't really know why, but this trip was now for the company of our friends, not driving the road (in my case, not hubby's!).

As we approached the north end of the Dragon, Maggie was sound asleep. And she stayed that way. Hubby made our initial pass at a leisurely pace both for my nerves, and to not knock the baby's head off as she slept! The first car we saw on the Dragon? Some of the friends we were meeting up with. We followed them through to the bike shop at the south end and caught up for a few minutes before going on to our hotel to check in.

Friday night we went to the 'fancy' restaurant at the resort where we were staying. The filet mignon with mushroom gratin and the creme brulee were FABULOUS. I was hoping they'd have those items on the breakfast buffet when we went Sunday morning, but no such luck :(

Saturday morning was the bump in our trip. After breakfast at the bike shop, some of the girls (and babies) and I hung out there while the boys went to make runs up and down the Tail of the Dragon. After a little while, they all came back and said they were all okay. Um...duh? Hubby sat next to me and said we'd have a little more room on the way home Sunday. Yes, I was a little cramped in the car on the way down, but that's okay! Unfortunately, he was not kidding. His car died. Luckily one of the friends we were hanging out with that weekend had a truck and a flatbed trailer a few hours away, so he and hubby made that their Saturday afternoon trip. They took off right away in the friend's car, then towed the friend's car back with the truck.

Yesterday hubby and Maggie and I came back with the HUGE truck towing hubby's car. Poor guy can't catch a break with this sort of stuff lately! He does plan to do some stuff while replacing the engine that will prevent the same sort of problem again. We're so lucky he knows how to do it! Otherwise all of our nerves would have us headed to drug rehab in no time.

So how was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

About the same as yours, minus the car issues. Well, I cracked the windshield at somepoint during the weekend. No idea when.

Glad you guys made it home ok! I was worried about those tie-down straps on the 'rex.

After everyone headed out Sunday, Heather & I drove up to Cades Cove in hopes of driving the 1 way "Primitive" road "Parson's Branch" back to the Dragon. Got all the way up to the head of the one way part and there was a HUGE tree down about 1/8 mile in. Heather was NOT happy. What we saw of the road was definitely badass. Literally a one lane road. ABSOLUTELY no place to turn around. No room for a 3-point-turn. Drive it all the way or hope no one is behind you and BACK out. It's only 8 miles long but takes around an hour to drive. Well, atleast that's what the sign says.

Anonymous said...

B would be so jealous! He loves the Tail! He took the VUE out there a few years back and has been talking about going back with the bike.

At least you guys weren't coming back on a flatbed because there'd been an accident!