28 May 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boy, starting this week a day late has really thrown me off! Hopefully a list will help me keep track of what should be getting done this week.

1. Put out boxes for organic fruit delivery company to pick up when they make their delivery. I just barely got this one done. I was off a day in my head, so I was thinking they'd come tomorrow, Wednesday, until I was in the shower and realized TODAY is Wednesday. Luckily they hadn't been here by the time I got ready and put the boxes out...

2. Work 30 hours. Yes, again.

3. Swim class on Tuesday and Thursday. Just one more week after this one...

4. Call for quotes on our new patio to replace our deck. I'm hoping I can make a call and get a visit and quote from a few companies, and not have them start stalking me like I wanted to buy cheap life insurance or something...we'll see.

5. Work on clearing off my craft counter so I can someday play with my new toy (Cricut cutter, of course...). This will be on my lists until it's done!

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