13 May 2008

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I realized on our long car (er..truck) ride home that I haven't done a to-do list in a while. This week is now exceptionally hectic. Hubby has to work til 10pm this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to do some testing on the stuff they've recently developed. Last night he didn't get done til after midnight! Ugh! But what all this means to me (combined with the drama last weekend) is that I don't have a car til at least Thursday.

  • Mail in rebate for power converter thingy we got at the truck stop a few weeks ago.
  • Work on cleaning off my counter for scrapbooking (so I'm ready for the new Cricut cutter hubby's bringing home for my Mothers' Day present).
  • Friday - pick up Maggie's nine-month pictures at the mall.
  • Return the shopping cart cover to BRU and get a birthday present for my friend's daughter, whose party we missed last weekend.
  • Call the city of Knoxville again about hubby's speeding ticket to see exactly how much it is, and if there are points.
  • Friday - go check and see if Maggie and I can get in the swim class starting next week.
  • Friday - take the giant bag of coins that I will obviously never get rolled to the credit union and pay them whatever percentage they ask for to count them and deposit them to Maggie's account.

I think that list is intimidating enough for one week. I still have more stuff that needs to get done, but I think it will have to wait for another week...


Tammy said...

I love list's! I think they help me get everything done. I'm looking forward to seeing Maggie's pictures.

siteseer said...

That is quite the list. I can roll the coins for you this weekend. What rolls do I need to pick up?

Anonymous said...

Shoooot.... you just reminded me that I need to send in two rebate forms! Thanks!