07 May 2008

Rain, Rain...

Hope hubby remembers to wear his swim-fins on his way home. The dirt road in front of our house is becoming a lake once again. The rain is coming down HARD. I suppose it's good for our poor little shrub that's been looking a little yellow, since I probably wouldn't have made it out to water it again today (but I did on Monday - keep your fingers crossed she'll pull through!).

We're getting ready to head out again tomorrow afternoon. This time not quite as far as South Carolina - we're making our annual trek to the Tail of the Dragon. Woo-hoo!! 318 curves in 11 miles - bring it on! Okay, in all actuality, I quit actually riding the tail of the dragon a couple years ago, but it's good to see the boys have so much fun :). I was rather excited to find that the Smokey Mountain Bluegrass Festival is also this weekend - at the very resort we're staying at. Hahahahaha.... Sounds like a toe-tapping good time!

Although I don't quite celebrate 'wordless' Wednesday (yeah, me shut up, right...), here's a picture of Maggie enjoying peas wayy back in March.

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Michelle said...

Hope you have a great time on your trip. Sounds fun. Very cute picture of little Maggie. She is really growing up fast.