16 April 2008

My New Magic Word

So I was dismayed to realize last weekend that I've become one of 'those' people. Absolutely anything anyone says, at any time, will probably remind me of a cute story about my daughter. Ugh. I remember avoiding people like that. And I definitely don't want to BE one of them. Believe me, I wouldn't be so involved in the forums I am active on, and all the blogs I read, if I wasn't interested in hearing about other people. I already know my story, I want to hear someone else's whenever possible!

So today, thumbing through my blogs, I found a great post from the Nametag Guy, Scott. One fantastic word that works in almost any conversation to keep the other person talking (where I frequently accidently bring the subject around to Maggie). Wow. How easy is that? Say it with me now, "WOW."

I love it, and I vow to use it.



siteseer said...

I thought when you said "Wow" it was another expression for "b*** sh*t". So now I know it means "tell me more".

Tammy said...

Do you roll your eye's when saying WOW! I want to do this right.