13 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Second Edition

Hmm....It looks like what I've found is a couple weeks old, but here's some Thursday Thirteen action...

Thirteen Things I Plan to do this Weekend
  1. Nurse. Hahahahahaha...
  2. Does Friday night count as the weekend? We're going out for dinner tomorrow.
  3. Saturday I'll probably get some work hours in.
  4. And do some laundry.
  5. And make chicken scampi for dinner.
  6. I need to do Maggie's and my self portrait.
  7. Sunday we're got our new UU class.
  8. Then we'll probably have MIL stay for dinner.
  9. Umm....probably watch a Netflix movie.
  10. Sleep?
  11. Call my Grandma.
  12. Change the sheets on the bed (okay, that'll probably happen today or tomorrow).
  13. And then wrap it all up by watching Rock of Love 2

Yikes. Pretty dull weekend, sorry :(

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Sounds pretty good to me. Especially the Shrimp Scampi. Yum