13 March 2008

Blogroll Notes...

Okay, seriously? My blogroll is getting out of hand. Just sayin.

I've tried using a reader, but I hated hopping back and forth and not getting the 'real' site until I made more clicks. Ugh. So I do it the old-fashioned way, and I visit everyone on my blogroll around once a week. But now I need your help.

If you're on there and haven't posted in over a month, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to delete you. Let me know if you start posting again, cuz I do want to keep up!

If you're not on there, please let me know! My blogroll is currently comprised of people I know from my mommy boards, people I've read for a long time, people I know IRL (shocking, I do have a life besides the internet!), and people I've just liked catching up with along the way.

If you're on there and you want to be, drop me a comment! I'm afraid I've lost touch with some folks who may just think I'm a crazy stalker for still having them listed. I'm not (a crazy stalker, that is), and I'm going to clean house over there soon. So if you don't want to be 'cleaned,' just drop me a note and say hi, eh?

You all enrich me!! Thanks for being in the blogosphere :)


Amanda West said...

So, I've only been reading your blog for the last month or two but I'm addicted. It's neat to watch Maggie grow, especially because she and Brynn are only a week or two apart in age!!

Anonymous said...

I made your list!! WOOHOO!! :) I think that's a great idea.. I have some on mine that haven't posted in forever just because I know them. Thanks for the idea of actually cleaning it out!