25 March 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Well, I was looking for a nice meme today, but Ten on Tuesday wants to know what ten things to do before you get married...too late! I've been married to the love of my life for just over two years now :) So I'm running with last week's theme:
Ten Places You'd Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown
  1. Downtown Detroit. Yeah - it certainly has a reputation! But we usually try to find out what events are at the conference centers downtown when we have out of town company.
  2. And of course, we need to ride the People Mugger...ermm...I mean People Mover.
  3. The Box Bar in Plymouth. Awesome beer list. Enough said.
  4. City Club. Fabulous industrial/goth/anything goes club downtown.
  5. Belle Isle. A stone's throw from the city, it's a great park in any season.
  6. Greenfield Village. A very nice walk through an old-fashioned, historical village. They have people in costume to show you how things were done through demonstrations and presentations.
  7. Canada. Okay, crazy one. But I remember years ago when I had friends visit from California, they were THRILLED to cross the border. Just because it would never happen where they were from (darn Washington and Oregon in the way), and it's less than an hour trip from here.
  8. Kensington Metro Park. Another nice place in any season. There's an eight-mile paved walking/bike trail, nature trails and a nature center, beaches..etc..etc..
  9. Ann Arbor. I'm not even a fan of the university housed there, but it's a nice little city. I lived there for a spell. I like to visit a restaurant downtown, then show people a few of the landmarks that hold memories for me. (i.e...visit my favorite bars! hahaha)
  10. If it's a long visit, we'll usually spend a day or so at the cottage, too. It's about three hours away, but right on the water. Anyone who's never seen a 'Great Lake' is always awed by it. It looks more like the ocean than a lake. Just sayin.


siteseer said...

I always find it hard to come up with places to take visitors. Your list is very good. Frankenmuth is also high on the list of people my age. :) They see billboards all over the country "The Worlds Largest Indoor Christmas Display" and then round it off nicely with a famous chicken dinner.

pegasusgiraffe said...

Nice list, a blast from the past. I'm always looking for new things to do when I bring Bonnie back to visit with me. But where's the DIA?? (unless you're including that in Downtown)? Motown Museum is pretty cool, too...

Becki said...

Hey Pegasus! I think I was thinking of places we'd currently plan to go. I had no problem planning to get a sitter and go to City Club, but I'd hate to have the baby with a sitter and go to DIA - and I don't think she'd get much out of it :)