05 March 2008


Wow, so I sort of disappeared there, eh? I suppose it's been mostly just working. I try to get my hours in earlier in the week, rather than later.

Yesterday, Maggie was going to go play with Grandpa and Grammie, but Grammie wasn't feeling well, so they canceled. Which I'd rather they do than expose her to yuckiness, but it had already shifted our whole schedule for the day. We got up at least an hour early, so I could coax her into napping an hour earlier in the morning (since they were picking her up at the start of her 'usual' nap time). Then her afternoon nap just ended up a little early, so we expected early bedtime, right? No dice! She stayed up talking and playing an hour LATER than usual. Huh. And then slept really poorly, whimpering a lot. Poor girl.

Today we're back on schedule so far, but she seems tired and a little whinier than other days. Although, she is a baby, things change without notice. Hahaha


siteseer said...

She's just showing you who's boss!! And don't you forget it :)

Steph said...

Apparently she really likes her schedule the way it is!

Amanda West said...

Hope Grammie is feeling better!!