22 March 2008

Easter Memories

As all the moms on the mom-boards I frequent start talking about what to do for their kids for Easter, I stopped to think about what I remember most about celebrating Easter when I was younger.

I don't remember going to 'community' events. Some people are taking their kids to giant egg hunts with lots of other munchkins. I remember going to the mall and having our picture taken with the bunny, though. We did that with Maggie yesterday (don't worry, I'll get the picture posted here :) ).

Easter morning, mom and dad had usually hidden eggs (the same one we had colored earlier in the weekend) around inside the house. When we got older and hadn't colored eggs, the hidden eggs were chocolate. Our Easter baskets may have been hidden a couple times too, but I think they were usually just waiting for us on the mantle. In our Easter baskets, we'd usually find candy, maybe a book or something else that fit well in the basket, and usually one other 'gift.'

My most memorable gift in my Easter basket was a pair of underoos. They were Wonder Woman underoos, and I don't remember if I'd asked for them, or if I loved them, but I vividly remember that I got them. And my grandma was there that year too.
I remember my dad's mom being there, and I remember my underoos.

After we were done with our baskets and breakfast, it was time to go to church. An Easter outfit for church was different than other Sundays because I wore a hat. I tried to find a white, straw-ish hat for Maggie this year, but none of them looked quite right. It will still be Easter for her, but without a hat. If I was more ambitious, I could scan in an awesome picture of my brother and I on Easter Sunday. He's three or four in the picture. My seven or eight year old self is on a mission. I'm wearing a yellow dress and white hat, and trying to hold my little brother, in his suit, STILL for a picture in front of the door at the end of the hall. I spent a lot of time trying to hold my brother still. Hahahaha...

What do you remember about Easter?


Anonymous said...

When I think about Easter & my childhood I think about coming home from Church and having to search for our Easter Baskets. (My parents always hid them for us)

Tammy said...

I remember also dressing up with the hat and white gloves. I'm older. I lived on Evergreen in Detroit across from a park and in that park they had sunk in tennis courts. In the tennis courts was where they put all the eggs, there were thousands of eggs.We would go to the park for the Easter egg hunt which started and every kid ran like crazy to get eggs. I guess it was fun.

Anonymous said...

i got ww underoos for easter too one year. i loved those things!

Michelle said...

OMG!!! I remember underoos. They were the coolest thing way back then. LOL!!!

Kristi said...

I just discovered your site. I know this post was awhile ago but I HAD to comment. I hope you get it. I had the same underoos! I think I was about 7. We have a picture of me wearing them.