03 February 2008

You're In

Yesterday made me think of a previous boss I had...a lot. Shortly after high school I worked at the local credit union and whenever we got locked out of the computer system, the branch manager would go do her administrative magic in the office, then stick her head out and shout, "You're in, p-p." Yeah, so it always sounded like, "Urine, pee-pee." Hahahaha...I love me some good potty humour as much as the next mommy, now, but yesterday it was getting less amusing.

Don't get me wrong, Maggie definitely enjoys peeing with her diaper off. We usually have a pile of towels off the changing table into the dirty clothes to prove that. Yesterday she pulled a new trick on me. It was our big Mommy-Maggie bath day. I was in the nice warm tub, and Daddy handed Maggie to me. She stood in the water for a minute, with the top of the water just below where her legs meet (since you already see where this is going, moms, you can now skip to the next paragraph). As Daddy walked out of the bathroom, he laughed a little as he heard the faucet start dribbling. "Maggie, don't pee-pee in here! This is our get-clean bath!" I told her. Daddy suggested draining and starting over, but then I wouldn't have had enough hot water for my shower in a very short time. Besides, urine is sterile, right?

After some lotion, she smelled just fine for her six-month pictures (and you can't really smell pictures anyway, right?), and Mommy was fresh enough from her lukewarm shower. After we went to bed, the hydrotechnics (is that a word?) started again. As I was nursing her at 1:45am, I realized her bottom felt wet. I was worried about a blow-out, of course. I hurried to go get her a fresh diaper. On the changing table what I found was that one of the tabs of her diaper had come completely undone. So she essentially peed in her terry pjs. Which don't hold a lot of liquid away from the sheets and Mommy's pjs. Ew. I changed pj pants, and the bed will get fresh sheets today (luckily they weren't wet, but I know there had to be some on them).

What a wet day! Now we're getting ready for church, even though I feel like I was 'baptized' yesterday! Hahaha


gail said...

Snort! Was a wet day.

My dad say urine-peepee all the time. He's insane.

Anonymous said...

Babies and pee pee, Ah, the joys of motherhood. :)

siteseer said...

I'm sure the dilution would have made the bathwater almost drinkable lol you first :O

Anonymous said...

heheh...good you can laugh about it.