04 February 2008

Getting Older

I woke up with the regular achy back today. I feel like such a whiner about it :( What will I do when I'm old enough for the medicare advantage? Sometimes I miss the days when I could just pop a few Vicodin and feel better. According to stuff I've read, the Vicodin should be okay while I'm nursing lil miss Maggie, but to start it again would probably make me loopy, which just won't do when I'm trying to juggle an infant and 30 hours of work each week, or even at night, since she sleeps next to me. At least my old back loosens up now. Just before surgery it hurt all the time, so I know it could be worse!

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Anonymous said...

I totally know how you feel about the back thing. I'm starting to feel older myself. Of course I shouldn't be lifting a 40 pound toddler. I love your blog!! Keep it up.