05 February 2008

Written By Me

Does anyone out there remember Writtenbyme.com? Now it's some hosting site or something, but five years or so ago, it was something great.

It was all writing. There was prose, poetry, news, personal stories, just about any category of writing you can think of. It was a pretty large community, if I remember correctly, and everyone went and 'rated' and left supportive comments (well, mostly) for all the other writers there. It was one of my first internet communities, and I really enjoyed it while it was around. I think this blog was actually started with my spare time shortly after Writtenbyme went away.

No point, really, I was just thinking back and wondering if I was the only one.


gail said...

Never heard of it. But I wasn't on that much 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember that site? Of course my Internet addiction only began a little over a year ago!