09 February 2008

Where Do You Exercise?

Once we get back from vacation, I plan on signing up for a swimming class with my little Maggie. I doubt it'll be a lot of exercise for me, other than the sweat I'll break thinking about appearing in public in my swimsuit. Ew!! At least I should have a tan after our vacation ;)
For exercise, my husband had talked about turning our front 'sun porch' into a bit of an exercise area for us. There's already a skiier and a stepper out there, we could maybe squeeze in a treadmill and a couple free weights and be good to go. It only needs one more thing...right now it's surrounded by windows, with insubstantial pieces of lace hanging over the windows. I remember when I tried to exercise after my back surgery, and felt like I could wave to the passing cars and they'd wave back. When I told him that then, it was a silly complaint. Now that he wants to exercise, we'll be putting up some curtains first. Hmmm....

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