09 February 2008


I was thinking back the other day to my very first 'best friend.'

I must have been in first or second grade - there were only seven or eight of us in our class (private school...). At one point, her mom told my mom that I was the only one who was nice to her. I'm still not sure how true that was. How mean can constantly supervised kids be? Anyway, my mom told me. I wanted to be nice - who doesn't? So she became my best friend, because our moms were already under the impression that we were. 'Course, she may have already thought it too, to have given her mom that idea.

We stayed friends for a few more years, even after I moved away in the third grade, but I think we were always just slowly drifting apart. Thinking back, I don't know that either of us ever was very good friends to each other. Or maybe that's exactly what 'best friends' in first and second grade are.

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gail said...

I kinda miss 2nd grade.