23 February 2008

Still More Bahamas!

Hubby and I (after a few 5% Bahamian Beers)

Maggie and her new friend Luc

Hubby taking Maggie down the jetty for a morning walk.

We took a walk to a neighboring beach one evening to catch the sunset. En route, I ran over ~100 feet of fishing line and proceeded to get it all tangled up inside the stroller wheels. Hubby asked one of the local Bahamian fisherman for a sharp filet knife or safety cutters so he could cut all the line out. Instead, he borowed a rusty butter knife that was covered in fish guts.


siteseer said...

you actually look tan in that last shot lol

Andria said...

Love all the pics! Those shorts are so cute, I might have to go get some! I am so glad longer shorts are in style this year.