23 February 2008

Adventures in Nursing

And by nursing I mean breastfeeding, of course.
This afternoon we went to the Detroit Boat Show. It's been getting smaller each year, lately, but we had a free ticket and $5 off another ticket, so for $6, it was a nice afternoon out for the husband, Maggie and me.
While my husband was talking about our next cruiser with some sales guy, I shouted up to him that I'd be nursing at some seats nearby. The front row of the seats were some creepy looking guys, so I grabbed a chair a few rows back and faced it toward the curtain/wall. I'm not exceptionally shy, but I'm not an exhibitionist either.
As I nursed the baby, my husband finished talking with the boat guy and joined us. I noticed more creepy-looking guys were joining the throng in the seats. Then I saw some young girls (okay, around 20 years old, but that's young to me!) with breasts that looked like they must have hungry babies around too (translation: lactating).
When my husband started chuckling, I saw the sign he'd noticed - the bikini contest was starting in ten minutes. And here I was with my goodies already out on display.
I should have gotten first prize.


Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

That's hilarious. I had to read it out loud to my hubby - he got a good laugh too!

You should have stood up and entered that contest. Your boobies were the best ones there - they were breastfeeding boobies!!!

Kelly said...


Andria said...

Woohoo! You totally should have joined in! Canape's right... yours were the best boobies there!