22 February 2008


One of my past jobs was actually working in marketing for a successful internet retailer. Now everyone takes internet shopping so for granted that most of us don't even consider what makes the shopping cart work, or ecommerce software. But I remember well the days when things like shopping cart software were things I would worry about! Ashop offers not only the basics like easy set-up and free tech support, but also inventory control, discount coupons, gift certificates and multiple currencies. And something I never had to consider (since I went to work for an existing retailer) - a ten-day free trial with ashop. With everything else to get set-up, it's sad but true that you won't see 'business' at a shop for a few days, so how nice to not have to pay for a shopping cart that may not be used from the first second your shop is open. Things to think about when some of your shop really takes off!


Anonymous said...

What would we do now days without online shopping? Man how times have changed.

Andria said...

I love online shopping. Especially, when I have a discount code. It gives me cheap thrills.