29 February 2008


So it's passed my first test: when I first heard about this online casino review site, I was worried about attacking pop-ups. So far, so good - no pop-ups in sight!
Did you know there are almost 3,000 online casino sites? I had no idea til I read it here. Yikes! That's a lot! The funny thing is, if I had a desire to gamble online, I wouldn't even know who to ask about where to go. Until now. I could get ratings at Pro360.com, as well as a Beginners' guide to online casino gambling and other tips. Because honestly, I would have no idea where to start.
So to those who do gamble, why would you even leave your house to do so? You can visit the casino while never leaving home (with higher payouts and no need to pay for super-expensive gas to get there) - no shirt or shoes required! Woo-hoo! Everyone knows how I love my pj pants :)

1 comment:

Andria said...

I am so not a gambler- when I go to Vegas, I never gamble. I hate losing money. :)
Girl, I am all about the pjs too!