15 January 2008

Is it Contagious?

Of course not. I'm talking about post-partum depression.

Maggie and I went to a free 'infant massage' class today. It ended up being just the woman who was leading it, and one other mother and I. The other mother's daughter was just seven weeks old. I don't think Maggie ever was that tiny! Hahahaha... Anyway, with such a small group, we really got to talking. She's having some health problems, including probable depression. She started crying just talking about it. I felt so bad for her. I remember what it felt like.

Apparently, I remembered a little too well. Tonight I'm really down in the dumps. I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything I need to. Hubby suggested I get up earlier. Which is a swell idea, except once I get up, so does Maggie, and what I do all day is entertain her. She's at that age where naps aren't cool, I guess, so working (or eating, or doing laundry, or, or, or...) is a real challenge. But I feel it's a challenge I don't have any option but to conquer.

'Cept I don't know how.....


gail said...

It all kind of works itself out. It's just an adjustment.. for lack of a better description. And with each child it changes a little.

I hope you what you need done, done.

Unknown said...

We're all there with you. Wrap up Maggie on your back and get things done or just hang out in bed, which is just as nice:). I feel you and I wish you lots of long naps in your near future.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Here and listening