16 January 2008

I Have a Good Listener

Maggie knew I needed a break. She's been sleeping since I got out of the shower - two and a half hours ago!
I'm at 17.5 hours of work so far this week, but there are now changes coming to my main project (so we've been told to stop working), and we're out of work on my secondary project. So I'm off to work on some laundry.

We (and by 'we' I mean Maggie) got MAJOR poopies on the swing the other day. But her diaper wasn't full. She may have a gift - she shat straight UP her back. Yeah, thanks, kid. Hopefully it washed up okay. We'll see.

I think I got even with her this morning though. Just kidding, we're not keeping score, but I did really tee her off. She has a really cute one piece outfit that has long sleeves and long pants, and snaps all the way up her left side. This little tidbit of information is very important. This morning, I tried to snap it up the RIGHT side, which meant the top was on straight, but the bottom was backwards. It fit very tightly that way and she wasn't happy.
Sorry, baby, I'm new at this.

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