16 December 2007

What's IN?

I guess I'm just not a 'kid' anymore...I have no idea what's in. Is it the playstation 3? I suppose I'm somewhat happy not to know. I remember on some of the pregnancy forums there were women complaining about their men still playing video games all the time. I think mine could get into it, for a few minutes, with the right friend, but I don't think he's played a lot since college. Course, I think some of his hobbies are more pricey still... what can you do?

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Anonymous said...

My hubs doesn't have time to play video games even if he wanted to. He has too many "grown up" things to do, lol.
And as far the "in" thing. It is the Wii. Gah what I wouldn't give to be able to find one for Bubba. :(