16 December 2007

I'm Young Again?

I try to be mature.
Really, I do.
But I can be a big baby about my blog. I know, sad.
And once I post this, I'm pretty sure my friends from the board will come in and tell me I'm not a total loser (TIA!).

But once, I was a Flippery Fish. Then I spent a lot of time as a Multicellular Microorganism. Now, as when I started, I'm back to an Insignificant Microbe (but they put 'a Insignificant Microbe.' Don't even get me started on how I feel about being demoted by someone with improper grammar. Really.) I'm basing part of my blog worthiness on The Truth Laid Bear, and I want to be cool. I want to be something big. Something that eats other things. But for now, I'm still 'a Insignificant Microbe.'
And sometimes my feelings hurt because of that. :(

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