05 December 2007

Night Out

So we headed into town to see the Christmas Market last night. We originally were planning to see one of hubby's co-workers play his accordian (crazy Germans :) ), but we got to town too late.
While we were there we decided to grab some gluwein and hot chocolate (yum!). As hubby was ordering our goodies, some girls at a nearby table started admiring our beautiful baby. When I tried to tell them she's now four months old, the guy with them realized we were American. He went straight to hubby (still in line) and started talking about America. It turns out he did a year of high school in California, and some college in Minnesota.
He invited us back to his house for a few drinks. Maggie looked agreeable, so we went. On the way, his girlfriend said to me that he loves to talk to Americans. She was kind of rolling her eyes as she said it. It was amusing - a lot of Germans who know English LOVE to practice it on 'real' Americans. :)

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Steph said...

Sounds like a fun night! :)